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The descriptions below apply to Australasian Members. Members in other countries receive the publications listed with the exception of "Furthest South", and pay their local equivalent of the UK Overseas Subscriptions.

The Subscription prices quoted below were correct at December 2012, and will apply for year 2013.

FAMILY Member: $A 60.00   $NZ 74.00
Family Members receive the following publications:
"Mixed Moss" the yearly Literary Magazine
"Signals" The news from UK Regions and headquarters, and some overseas groups, three times per year.
"Outlaw" The newsletter for Junior Members.
"Furthest South" The quarterly newsletter of AusTARS.

With a Family Membership, it is necessary to register the names of all members of the family who will be participating in activities, as this is required by the Incorporation of the Australian society.

ADULT Member: $A 50.00   $NZ 64.00
Adult Members receive "Mixed Moss", "Signals" and "Furthest South".

SENIOR Member: $A 40.00   $NZ 42.00
Members who are over 65 years of age are eligible for Senior Membership. Such members receive the same publications as Adult Members.

STUDENT Member: $A 30.00   $NZ 42.00
Student members must be engaged in Full Time study. They receive the same publications as Adult Members.

JUNIOR Member: $A 15.00   $NZ 22.00
Junior members must be under 17 years of age. They receive "Outlaw" instead of "Mixed Moss". They also receive "Signals" and "Furthest South".

To apply for membership, please complete the Application Form and send it with your remittance to the Secretary:

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Nancy really does have a proper house too!

Dr Nancy Endersby
'Phone: 03 9754 6806
E-Mail: Nancy Endersby

The Application Form may be downloaded from this page in PDF Form format, or in WORD Form format, or you could contact Nancy who will post you a copy.

New Zealand members should send their applications and subscriptions to Ms. Cheryl Paget at 26 Tanner St., Havelock North, 4130.

The committee have approved for the payment of subscriptions [for years subsequent to the first year of membership] to be paid in two equal instalments if hardship makes it difficult to make a single payment.

Please make your cheque in Australian currency payable to AusTARS.

The Society can not receive membership applications electronically.
There is no facility to pay by credit card in UK or Australia.
However, in Australia, you may transfer funds electronically into the AusTARS account. Please contact the Hon. Treasurer for details.

The UK Society is a company limited by guarantee. The Australian subsidiary is an Incorporated Association in the State of Victoria. Adults joining TARS, whether directly or through AusTARS, become members and guarantors of the company. Don't worry! This only means that in the (unlikely) event of a financial disaster you are committed to contributing the sum of 1 UK pound only.

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Some TARS enjoy signalling

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