The Arthur Ransome Society in Australia Inc.

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Also representing the interests of the Society's members in New Zealand.

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New AusTARS Important People

AusTARS voted at the Annual General Meeting for a new co-ordinator, Professor Larry Harshman, and a new Furthest South Editor, Mark Walker. See below about contributions to Furthest South

New T.A.R.S. website

T.A.R.S. have changed their website, including the URL, or address. The new address is

New book about AR!

Christina Hardyment has gone into print again with 'The World of Arthur Ransome'. It is published by Frances Lincoln and can be found on their website;


Our newest members are Joan Noke, a retired medical scientist and professional Girl Guide, Dr. Margaret Stebbing, a University academic, Prof. Larry Harshman (who has laid claim to our lovely secretary Nancy Endersby) and John Irvine, a long time cruising sailor of Wyong. Welcome all, and we hope that enjoy your membership.

Drama at the Dogs Home

I commend all members to check with Rob Boden's postings on TARBoard about the plight of the Dogs Home. The roof is in imminent danger of collapse, as the timber framing isrotten and the main beam does not rest on the walls any longer. This is because the walls are bowing outwards, and are in need of urgent repair or rebuilding. Rob is working with the owners, the Forestry Commission, to see what can be done and the best way to go about it.

On other website pages . . .

Members (and particularly Kiwis) should look for news of activities to come, and a much-enlarged and exciting Library list.

A Generous Offer!

Tasmanian member Bronwyn Tyson has informed me that "if anyone is coming to Tasmania, especially around the Wooden Boat Festival next year, and they plan to see some of the north of the state, we have a one bedroom flat which may be availaable, if not already in use. Phone (03) 6394 4453"

Cross-stitch Sampler Patterns

You will find small images of the designs on the Members' Advertisments page. Australasian members should contact me to purchase them. As they are a fund-raising activity for AusTARS, no funds should be made payable to me. Your cheques should be made in favour of AusTARS!

Deadline for articles for Furthest South.

Please submit articles for the November edition of Furthest South to Mark ASAP. The newsletter depends on YOU! Have you a tale of adventure, been to the UK on the AR trail, or could provide a short profile of yourself? If so, please send your article in a Word document by eel-mail to Mark or at 34 Broughton St, Kempsey, NSW, 2440.

Jan Allen will continue to organise our AusTARS events but welcomes any help with this, if anyone would like to be involved with the planning

Swallows and Amazons for ever!

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